عرق السواحل – Mystery and Secrets in The World of Spirituality

The first man Adam, the creature whose God showed his will and the signs of his power in his being, is neither the angels nor the jinn, nor of the other worlds known then. This is a tribute to the man and his status to high horizons. It is this blow of the spirit of God, which walked in his entity and gave him whole life. Has become a unique creation quality qualify him to succeed God in the earth. The supreme will wanted to hand over the land to this new object, which it had brought for good and to reform and renew it.

عرق السواحل
عرق السواحل

A man was able with this blessing blow of the spirit of God and with this upper puff that merged with him to reveal what in the life of the laws and secrets, to blow up their potential, and to discover its hidden treasures. Thus, he was able to achieve the will of God in the leadership of life and to assume the enormous responsibility that God has entrusted to him and he sent it to him. The manifestations of the spirit guide in humans are: mind and heart, each of them has special elements and special authority. The components of the mind: science, and its task of looking and scrutiny to realize reality.

Man between these two spiritual manifestations is asked to be based on a situation that enables him to benefit from them, and avoid the scramble between them to reach the finest prepared for him from the homes of dignity, and places of highness, and to live the life of those who get the happiness of two lives together.

The world today needs a spiritual culture, a return to spirituality, otherwise, the consequences are serious and worsen day by day especially since the material world has come under the influence of a firm belief that its steady material progress has reached perfection; but the events of the last year have changed this belief.

A human being consists of two main elements: a material element that grows and moves, eats, drinks, sleep, hugs and sits. The heavenly religions balance these two elements and balance must be precise so that one does not dominate one another. Therefore, the normal person does not move away from the straight path.

The spirituality of man is manifest, and hidden, such as good works and the relationship of man with others, such as loyalty, satisfaction, love, and certainty. The spiritual aspect that God takes in his truth and knowledge is the main determinant of the actuality and the emergence of human life. The spirit is the pot of common sense or the repository of the Divine Blessing that is unbroken of the man,

The elements of goodness and righteousness are transmitted in the human being, and they are alienated from what is not appropriate for him, and they direct him to what he should be. Therefore, the spiritual aspect must be linked to the material aspect, and they should not be separated. Man must pay attention to the spiritual aspect and the degree of religiosity and attachment to the Creator, as the spirit of God’s command and an authentic indicator of its existence and an innate call to use it and depend on it.

These facts will lead to a holistic conclusion: that faith is the spirit’s title, its active meaning, and its essentially sought-after significance. Therefore, the Holy Quran came with spiritual legislation based on faith in God, and the verification of knowledge of real knowledge does not come beyond doubt, and make him a good person in the human community, and save him from the psychological crises that engulf him because of his ignorance of the secret of this universe.

Indeed, faith is the knife of the anxious soul, the guidance of the lost hearts, the light of those who walk confused and the safety of the frightened. It is the strong appointing of the whiteness from which strong will derives the secret of her strength because it is the foundation of all virtues of patience, determination, steadfastness, compassion, affection, compassion, generosity, dignity and respect.

After these facts, we conclude that the spiritualism in the divine religions leads to the love of God, the love of the prophets, apostles and the love of all humanity. True love will lead to the prosperity of any society in the world. A strong society will take the hand of the weak society to save it from weakness to power. This is the true happiness that religions seek.

We conclude that the universal love of humanity can only be achieved through attention to the spirituality of the divine religions, and to work to strengthen and remove any disagreement between them, then all of humanity will be happy. The strength of the sciences of spirituality lies in the certainty and the correct science of commitment to knowledge of religion as valid knowledge because in this science it must be linked to good works of man and away from the acts of evil.

Dear brother, this science, as I told you before that it is a hidden science from all people and if God wanted to see it to all of his creatures, he would do so. But he knew that its fascination could mesmerize the person himself and hurt the people around him and people will get sick and do what is incredible. For this, it must be secret and concealment. It is necessary to test the student of science more than once in order for the professor to know the extent of tolerance of this person to be held responsible for this science.

Conclusion: Spirituality is to reach the Lord of the Worlds with the purity of the heart to purify your soul and live in the gift of God. It is the lights that shine on the heart of the man such as satisfaction, love of God, asceticism, and sincerity. The conclusion is how he is going to use it either in obedience to God or in his disobedience. In addition, everyone does not make benefit or harm to anyone else unless what is writing by Allah.

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