Custom Made Bikes in Poland – Bicycles Riding Events

From structure and giving versatile bicycles and creating cycling occasions all through the country to supporting network-based restoration and recuperation programs and significant medicinal and clinical research, Project Hero is bringing issues to light of the national PTSD emotional wellness emergency and having any kind of effect in the lives of thousands of Veterans & 1st Responders, just as their families and networks.

custom made bikes in Poland
custom made bikes in Poland

Our projects have helped more than 10,000 Veterans and First Responders through cycling-based projects and different occasions since 2008. Undertaking Hero members record the disposal of and diminishes being used of professionally prescribed medications of as much as 65 percent, more prominent damage recuperation rates, improved rest propensities and generally an improvement in everyday life capacities.

Task Hero has assembled more than 200 versatile bicycles for harmed Veterans, gave more than 2,500 bikes to Veterans and logged more than 30,000 bicycling miles in 30 states and six nations to bring expectation, recuperation, and flexibility in help of America’s Healing Heroes.


Undertaking Hero programs incorporate Project Hero HUB Centers, multi-day Challenges and Resilience Rides, alongside single-day Honor Rides, all intended to help recuperating saints set and accomplish objectives past their unique desires.

Task Hero Hub Community Centers

Network and Military-based HUB Centers offering members recuperation and recovery programs that typify the Five Pillars of Project Hero: restoration, business, training, family support, network administration all intended to convey the advantages of Project Hero to Healing Heroes all through the US. Task Hero members are urged to ride and finish Ride 2 Recovery Challenge rides and Honor Rides.

Riding Events

The multi-day occasions comprise of Ride 2 Recovery Challenge occasions, Mountain Biking rides, and Resilience Rides. Our single-day Project Hero Honor Rides are outfitted towards bringing issues to light and financing for the R2R Programs and interfacing Veterans and First Responders with riders in the neighborhood network, all with a critical objective of helping more riders ride all the more regularly.

custom made bikes in Poland
custom made bikes in Poland

Versatile Bikes

Our Ride 2 Recovery program adjusts and alters a custom made bikes in Poland once a day, and we can make a stand-out claim to fame bicycles starting from the earliest stage. With an across the country group of mechanics and architects, we can make exceptionally remarkable bicycles with custom casing plans and any adaptions expected to help with the mental and physical soundness of our Healing Heroes. Coming up next are instances of the stunning work that has helped our Healing Heroes achieve their objective of being allowed to ride.