Best Foam Cannon Hire Party Machine 2019

Foam Parties are a standout amongst the best occasions highlighting our awesome froth guns. Limited time and themed evenings including a Foam Party are ensured to draw great groups with this ‘Ibiza-style’ froth occasion.

foam cannon hire
foam cannon hire

Our predominant ‘Solid’ froth guns deliver over 40% more foam than a standard froth gun – more lather for your cash!! In spite of the vast additional volume of foam made, these productive machines won’t leave any more water buildup toward the finish of the night than a foam cannon hire standard engine.

Do We Require Control For The Foam Machine Procure?

Upon the arrival of the contract, we will expect access to a standard power point inside 50m of the setup territory. If there is no power nearby, we can bring a generator for an extra expense. If it’s not too much trouble talk about this with us preceding the day if a generator will be required.

Do We Require Water For The Foam Machine Rental?

Upon the arrival of the contract, we expect access to a water tap that we can join a standard garden hose to. The water supply ought to be inside 50m of the setup territory. Every holder of froth liquid should be blended with 220L of water. The standard bundle accompanies three holders of froth liquid. If there is no water tap inside the range, we won’t have the capacity to work a frothing machine.

foam cannon hire
foam cannon hire

Will The General Population And The Zone Get Wet At The Foam Party?

Truly! To make froth water is required. 220L of water is blended with every holder of froth liquid. The majority of this water will finish up on your visitors or the floor. It’s everything part of the wet and elusive fun. The froth gear isn’t appropriate for regions that are touchy to water. On the off chance that you wish to set up froth hardware at a scene you are best to choose a stable area with reasonable seepage, a vehicle leave or grassed zone. We won’t be considered in charge of harm to cover, wooden floors, electrical gear and so forth that is in the frothing machine set up territory.

Do You Have To Contain The Foam?

The foam will shower out from a high retire over the leaders of your gathering visitors. If you are setting up in an open region, you may wish to make a few dividers to help contain the foam to a zone. On the off chance that you don’t include the foam it is bound to overwhelm in the breeze. On the off chance that you are arranging a fun run hindrance you can procure our froth burrow which blockades the foam into a tight space for sprinters to go through.